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We Are A Leading Company

We are a team of highly skilled Social Brand Managers that develop and execute targeted campaigns to boost brand recognition and trust.


Our services are a combination of high-value strategic thinking, and lower-value tactical implementation, that includes strategy development, day-to-day management of various social media platforms, social advertising, and content creation & promotion.


We help businesses in becoming socially infectious by empowering their audiences, engaging their consumers, and creating unique and real experiences.


Our work combines conceptual innovation, brand architecture, user experience design, applied technology and marketing communications to transform business models, brands and products.


We create passionate fans, brand advocates, and customer loyalty


We turn your brand equity into website traffic, leads, and revenue.


We are quickly becoming the first choice for many digital-first companies as they look to expand their penetration in emerging markets across the Asia Pacific & North America. We have offices in India (Bengaluru & Kolkata) with partners in North America (USA & Canada)

We bring more than 75+ years of senior experience of marketing and brand consultation across Indian and North American markets.

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Our Philosophy defines our
Vision & Mission


Sunnyday’s logo, a brilliant glowing sun, depicts our company’s ideology.

Our organisation strives to breathe fresh life into our clients’ marketing and branding efforts in the same way as the sun brightens and renews life.

We are enthusiastic and inquisitive, and we are not afraid to sweat the minutiae in order to simplify and make effective the branding strategy process for our clients.

Our Vision

To be the world’s most successful and important MarTech company that helps brands do better marketing by empowering a healthy and humane connection with their customers.


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Our Mission

To enable business growth for our clients through marketing and brand development and to provide branding experiences, platforms, and content solutions that help brands build meaningful relationships with consumers.

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